Xbox 360 to be all matte black by Christmas

250GB model to lose fingerprint-loving shiny coating

Microsoft is making the move from shiny to matte this Christmas for its Xbox 360, already available on the 4GB version, now all of them will have that fingerprint-resistant coating.

Mircrosft has unveiled that by Christmas the shiny 250GB Xbox 360 will become a sinister looking matte black 250GB Xbox 360, opting to move away from the shiny coating in favour of a more durable appearance.

The current generation of the Xbox 360 is already a good looking piece of tech, and the matte certainly suits it, whether or not it'll be to everyone's taste is simply a matter of time as Microsoft slowly halts production of the shiny models in time for the Christmas season.

The console, which features improved performance, quieter running and a better cooling system, will still be available in all its glossy goodness but only for the limited edition models that will be appearing such as the Star Wars Kinect Xbox 360 and the Gears of War 3 Limited Edition console.

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