Xbox 360 Slim flies off shelves

First week sales suggest future's rosy for all new Xbox

Japanese sales surge as gamers clamour for new look edition of Big M's hub.

The Xbox 360 Slim might be a few weeks off from hitting our fair shores. But if Japanese sales are anything to go by, the pared down home hub is set for a new lease of life.

Punters in the Far East have been lapping up the console, with 15,000 shifted in its first week on sale. That compares to just 2,000 Xbox 360s sold the week before in the same country.

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Of course, we’ll know more about just how well the Xbox 360 Slim will be received here when it goes on sale on 16 July. But with new looks and a fan that doesn’t sound like a space shuttle mid take-off, expect things to go swimmingly.

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