Xbox 360: New 320GB hard drive revealed

Stacks of extra space for Microsoft gamers, as long as you’re packing newer console

Big M’s new storage device comes with bundles of space and special download code. But how will it look shoved alongside your sleek Xbox 360?

Microsoft has pulled the wrappers off of a new external hard drive exclusively for Xbox 360. The new 320GB storage device works specifically with the slimline versions of Microsoft’s home hub.

As well as getting stacks of extra space to store downloaded content, movies and music, the new hard drive also comes with a download code for Lego Star Wars 3: Clone Wars.

Gamers can snag the new add-on now. It costs £79.99 on these shores. That’s not cheap, but at least it means you won’t constantly have to delete older content on your console to free up space for new stuff.

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Via Eurogamer