XBox 360 handheld console on the way?

Image 1 of 4 X Box
The X-Box 360 handheld. Could it be on its way?
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X-Box 360 could be going portable
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Will the familiar 'X' logo be coming to the Zune MP3 player?
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X-Box 360 could be going portable

Fancy rocking some GTA IV on-the-go, if T3 get our way Microsoft's Zune MP3 player could be going gaming. Check out our artist's impressions.

A Microsoft Zune / X-Box 360 / mobile phone hybrid? Could this potentially be the greatest handheld gadget in the history of the world?

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It's by no means a reality, but it's been over a year since Big M big-wigs hinted at this awesome combo. While nothing remains concrete, we at T3 couldn't wait any longer.

Our artist's impressions from the future tech feature in this month's T3 Magazine show the three gadgets brought together in revolutionary harmony.

Our vision features the familiar X logo and coloured buttons of the X-Box with the slim and sleek Zune music player, with a 64GB flash drive and a mobile phone built in for good measure.

Yesterday we revealed our vision for a mind-controlled Nintendo Wii. Check back tomorrow for an all-new artist's impression of our most-wanted future tech.

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