Xbox 360 app store launching next week?

Microsoft Silverlight's move to Xbox could pave way for new app offering

Big M expected to detail Silverlight for Xbox 360 plans at Las Vegas event next week.

Microsoft could unveil a new Xbox 360 app store as soon as next week. That’s according to an anonymous source, who says the new emporium could be revealed alongside the Big M’s plans for bringing its Silverlight platform to the games console.

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Silverlight, a framework for developing apps, has been mooted for an Xbox 360 debut for months. Microsoft will outline its plans at the MIX11 event in Las Vegas next week. Word is that devs would be able to use Silverlight to help them bring versions of their Windows Phone 7 apps to the Xbox 360.

Such a move would help Microsoft keep the pressure up on Sony and Nintendo, as well as give it a jump on major TV manufacturers’ attempts to corner the TV app space with web-connected Smart TVs.

The Xbox 360 and WP7 already play nice over Xbox Live, so using Silverlight to bring their app stores closer together makes sense. Is it a move you’d welcome? Tell us what you think on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Via Winrumors