WRC 3 gaming release confirmed by Black Bean games

World Rally Championship gaming tie-in to hit Xbox 360, PS3 and Vita this October

Milestone and Black Bean games confirm upcoming WRC 3 release date with a new graphics engine to offer the most realistic rally experience to date

With the 2012 World Rally Championship well underway, developer Milestone has confirmed the upcoming WRC 3 gaming release with the off-road sim to touch down in October.

Building on its past rally offerings, Milestone has revealed that the WRC 3 gaming release will see it utilise all new graphics engine with the in-house developed Spikengine to turn the officially licensed World Rally title into a true competitor to the dominant DiRT franchise.

WRC 3 Features

Offering gamers full access to each stage of the 2012 World Rally Championship, WRC 3 will also come equipped with more than 50 official WRC teams with a host of Super Special Stages further enhancing the gameplay options.

With a more true to life gaming experience than the franchise’s previous hits, the Spikengine will “accurately model lighting, particle effects and other real-world characteristics to create an in-game virtual reality, offering complete immersion in the WRC universe.”

WRC 3 Release Date

Scheduled to launch in correlation with the tailend of the 2012 WRC series, the rally based driving sim is to be published by Black Bean Games with a WRC 3 UK release date officially lined up for October. Ticking off the core console requirements, WRC 3 will be made available for the Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 as well as PC and the recently released portable powerhouse that is the Sony PS Vita.

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