World's first 'tweet' store opens in London

Users can purchase bags of Special K crisps in exchange for tweets

The world's first 'tweet' store, where users can purchase goods simply by tweeting about them, has opened in London today

The pop-up shop is the brainchild of ceral makers Special K and is designed to spread awareness of its low-calorie crisps via the social network.

Customers are required to visit the store in Meard Street, Soho, London, and tweet a sentence about the crisps - this varies on the flavour they opt for - which is then checked by a staff member. Once the message has appeared on their feed, the customer gets given a packet.

The pop-up store is open 9am-5pm until Friday and is staffed by check-out girls in the iconic red dress, which features in the firm's adverts. The campaign shows how firms are increasingly using social networks to promote and flog their wares.

In fact; Special K joins a long list of firms, including airlines, who continually use Twitter to respond to customer requests and to promote their latest offers without dipping too deeply into their marketing budgets.