World's biggest Pac-Man now available to play

Go Waka Waka over this huge retro gaming homage

Arcade classic returns in a big way

The World's Biggest Pac-Man game is now ready to play offering fans the opportunity to burn away more than a few hours.

Created by web design company Soap Creative, the enormous gameboard which has been created to showcase the capabilities of Internet Explorer 9, allows users to jump through into different rooms even if you've not completed the level. The size of the Pac-Man playing surface can be increased further by enabling gamers to create their own new levels and adding them to the gameboard.

Keeping count of pellets, ghosts eaten and rooms cleared, you can view your score at personal, regional and global levels.

Pac-Man made an equally eventful return last year after Google decided to celebrate the iconic game character turning 30 by transforming its homepage logo into the first playable Google doodle (which you can still play here).

The Pac-Man doodle inadvertently gobbled up almost five million hours of the world’s work time, and was predicted to have cost the global economy $120 million.

If you want to play, you can find the World's Biggest Pac-Man here. If you value your job, we suggest staying away.

Link: World's Biggest Pac-Man (Via Destructoid)