World of Warcraft gamers overrule real name plans

Blizzard makes u-turn over using real names in forums

Blizzard gives the power to the people after a hefty backtrack in managing its forums.

World of Warcraft publisher Blizzard has had to make a drastic u-turn in its plans to introduce real identities to its forums after overwhelming criticism from users.

Blizzard, which now claims to have over 11.5 million people playing World of Warcraft, was hoping the changes would alleviate some of the heat that goes on in the forums.


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Without the feature users have so far been able to publish anonymously, resulting in huge online arguments between users.

While the company believed that incorporating true identities into their Real ID feature would discourage the behaviour, it was not to be. Within 24 hours of announcing the changes over 1,000 users then contacted Blizzard, and by the time the company finally changed its mind there were around 50,000 comments spanning an impressive 2,500 pages.

Link: Blizzard (via BBC)