World of Fourcraft: Hack turns NYC into a game of Risk

Online FourSquare game sees the city go up for grabs...

New York is now yours for the taking, and all you need to do is check-in via Foursquare

Remember Risk, the strategic board game of world domination? What would it be like if it were real, with real areas around you up for grabs? That’s a question that a team of developers have tried answer with World of Fourcraft – a Foursquare hack that’s melded Google maps and Risk together in New York City.

The online game, currently only boasting around 100 members, has divided New York into segments defined by its boroughs, and tallies up FourSquare check-ins by its members to determine which area is claiming dominance.

Members register as belonging to one of the different boroughs, and then each check-in is the equivalent of placing a soldier on the Risk board. An algorithm adding up the total at the end of each week to see which clan owns which segment of land. Developer Ricky Robinett says: “We wanted to make foursquare more compelling for long-term use.”

Is this a genius piece of service amalgamation, or merely a waste of time? Let us know on the T3 Twitter feed.