How an unwanted toothbrush inspired a new online store

Site will recommend perfect gift which will then be sent to the lucky lady in question

Woman set to launch her own women's gift guide website,, after growing tired of receiving unsolicited gifts from her husband

A savvy businesswoman is gearing up to launch a women's gift guide website for clueless men after years of receiving rubbish gifts from her partner – including a toothbrush for Christmas.

Rachael Robertson, 41, is hoping her new website,, set to launch on May 14, will shield other women from the same disappointment she endured when unwrapping the gnasher-cleaner from her husband.

The site will act as a middleman, recommending users a series of women's gifts from a string of independent retailers, including chocolate, jewellery and flower shops.

“After years of rubbish presents, it was the unwrapping of an electric toothbrush on Christmas morning that finally broke the camel's back,” the entrepreneur from Berkshire told T3.

“He thought, ‘she’s always banging on about liking really white teeth’, [but] I thought: ‘Is he saying that I have bad breath?’

“I pitched the idea to my potential business partner Kate, and having just opened exactly the same bracelet that her husband bought for her the previous year, she immediately jumped on board.”

Users simply have to input five vital details – their relationship to the recipient, the recipient’s age, the occasion the gift is for, their budget and when they want the item delivered - and they’ll be presented with three suitable gifts based on the information they provide.

The item will then be beautifully wrapped and delivered to the lucky lady in question. T3 understands that the retailers will be billed for this service and not the customer.

ManBuysPresent also offers a virtual assistant service called Tegan which reminds forgetful suitors of upcoming anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions that they need to purchase gifts for.

“We are so excited to launch this service as we believe that it’s a revolutionary and completely unique concept that men will love,” says Robertson.

“[The site] takes all the hassle and stress out of present buying and gives men an opportunity to really get it spot on time and time again.”