Windows Phone Tango may power budget phones

Tango may not be updated WP7 Mango after all

New Windows Phone 7 update "all about Nokia".

The arrival of the updated Windows Phone Mango is fast approaching, but speculation already abounds over its rumoured follow-up, Windows Phone Tango. While popular wisdom had been that Tango would be an update - Tango to Mango what Gingerbread was to FroYo - a post from ZDNET now suggests that Tango may be a cut-down version of the Windows OS for use on lower-end smartphones.

"One of my contacts... said Tango was “all about Nokia” and focused on hitting the lower-price point for Windows Phones that Microsoft and Nokia execs have been promising." Wrote Mary-Jo Foley on her All About Microsoft ZDNET blog. "My contact also said the Tango release may be focused largely or even exclusively on the Asian market."

Windows Phone Tango had been tipped to appear after the launch of Mango, but before the arrival of the even-more-speculative Apollo, thought be the codename for Windows Phone 8.

Windows Phone Tango will reporetedly arrive on one or two new handsets from Nokia ahead of the release of Windows Phone 8, following the Finnish telecomms company's recent "strategic partnership" with Microsoft.