Windows Phone Marketplace has over 40,000 apps

Up from under 5000 apps in November 2010

The Windows Phone Marketplace's app count has tipped over the 40,000 mark, shooting up ten-fold in twelve months

That's near as dammit 40,000 apps in a single year, with the Windows Phone Marketplace opening in October 2010 and boasting under 5000 apps this time last year. Bear in mind that's published apps - after you account for the 5,500-ish apps removed by Windows, the total of apps available to download sits at around 35,000 - but still, it's quite the achievement for the mobile OS squaring off against the combined might of Andoird and iOS.

The data was picked up and arranged into a pretty chart (above) by the bods at All About Windows Phone, who report that new apps are being added to the Windows Phone Marketplace at an average rate of 165 per day.

All About Windows Phone also predicts that the mobile OS' next big milestone - the 50,000 app mark - will be passed sometime in January of 2012 if apps continue to be added at the current rate. Fan of Windows Phone fan or considering picking up the excellent Nokia Lumia 800 as your next handset? Check out the T3 App Chart for a look at the cream of the WP app crop.

Source: Recombu, AllAboutWindowsPhone