Windows Phone Mango out by September

Twitter slip up sees release date revealed

Competition winners set to be first to get hold of latest version of Windows Phone.

Microsoft’s been touting its next-gen Windows Phone Mango software for some time, without ever saying exactly when it would be sitting pretty on phones. That’s all changed though, thanks to a Twitter slip up by the company, which revealed Mango would be out by September.

Referring to its own Imagine Cup student tech contest, the Big M said, “Imagine Cup finalists ALL receive Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Release!! Each student will get the phone by September!”

The tweet has caused plenty of web chatter, with many expecting Nokia to reveal the first phones running Windows Phone Mango in October. Interestingly, the Big M has since deleted the Twitter post, suggesting it might feel a bit jumpy about such an early release date.

Either way, it seems Mango is going to be with us very soon. Will the latest updates convince you to snag a Windows Phone? Or are you happy with what you’ve got. Tell us now via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Via Mobility Digest