Windows Phone Mango has mobile hot spot

Previously hidden feature could depend on which network you're on

New feature could land on new Mango phones soon.

Windows Phone Mango, Microsoft’s just released mobile OS update, appears to pack in mobile hot spot skills. A new screen shot, unearthed by the fanatics at WP Central, shows so-called “Internet Sharing” on a US-only Samsung Focus.

The feature means users will be able to share their 3G connection with other users, potentially tethering their phone wirelessly to their PC or Mac. Apparently, this early version does run the battery down quite quickly though.

Experts reckon this new Internet Sharing function will most likely be buried deep in the OS’s menu structure, with networks deciding whether users can use the data heavy service or not.

Either way, it makes Windows Phone Mango even more appealing. Enough to convince you to get a device using the OS? Tell us now over on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Windows Phone Mango video

Source:Windows Phone Mango video

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