Windows Phone Mango features officially revealed

Business-focused functions outed

Microsoft shows off plans for next-gen version of mobile OS.

Microsoft has handed over details of its next-gen version of Windows Phone. Dubbed Mango, the newly-revealed functionality is all about work and productivity, as the Big M looks to do battle with BlackBerry.

Pinnable email folders lead the line. This new feature lets you stick an entire folder of messages to the homescreen for quick and easy access. Microsoft says these can be grouped by person or project, so you’ll be able to bring up relevant missives in quick sharp fashion.

There’ll be conversation view in email, meaning you get threaded messages instead of having to go back and forth to check what someone said in their previous mail. This has been a serious with Windows Phone and promises to be a welcome addition.

The ability to search servers is also being added, so mail users can snag and access messages that aren’t stored locally. Throw in a new ‘Lync’ app, a ‘unified communications’ feature which aggregates Instant Messages and allows you to chat with co-workers, and it seems Microsoft has gone some way to getting its OS up to scratch for the workplace.

There’s no word on just when Windows Phone Mango will be released. The update has been mooted for later this year, and is expected to land on a slew of new devices, including Nokia’s first ever Windows Phone.