Windows Phone app news: Xbox Companion app announced

Microsoft app will allow you to navigate around the console

Microsoft has lifted the lid on plans to turn your Windows Phone handset into a controller for the Xbox 360 console. You'll be able to find content you want on Xbox LIVE, access a wealth of information about what you're watching and also control playback

Microsoft has announced plans to launch an app for Windows Phone handsets that will allow Xbox 360 owners control their console using the phone.

The Xbox Companion app, which is still in Beta and as yet unavailable to download, will allow you to search for content like movies and TV shows on Xbox LIVE and begin playing them on the console itself.

While you're watching, the Xbox Companion app will also enable you to pull up information on what you're watching, listening to or playing. Pressing the title on the app brings up information on the cast crew, and other movies you may enjoy.

Also, when the content is playing, the app becomes a controller, which can be used to pause, rewind and access all of the functionality of the Xbox 360 controller.

A preview video of the app (check about one minute in) shows the Windows Phone handset actually being used to control games, so perhaps that functionality will be added in soon. There's no word yet on when the app will be launched, but it will be free when it arrives.

Link: Windows Blog (via msnbc)