Windows Phone App News: 50,000 WP7 apps submitted

Microsoft's Windows Phone platform hits new milestone just one month after the last

Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 platform continues to go from strength-to-strength with more than 50,000 apps now submitted to the app marketplace

A month after hitting one milestone figure, Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system has surpassed another with more than 50,000 app submissions having now been made to the fledgling iOS and Android rival.

With new Windows Phone apps hitting the systems application outlet at a rate of 265 per day, the new 50,000 milestone has been reached in double quick time with more than 8,000 apps added in the past 30 days and a hefty 17,276 (more than a third) landing within the past three months.

Whilst more than 50,000 Windows Phone apps have now been submitted to the Microsoft owned app store, this figure does not directly replicate the number currently available to WP7 users such as those touting the newly released Nokia Lumia 800 handset.

A little more than 6,000 Windows Phone apps have been removed by Microsoft since launch for a variety of reasons with the entertainment sector leading the WP7 charge accounting for more than 7,000 of the available apps closely followed by the books and games categories.

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Via: AllAboutWindowsPhone