Windows Phone Apollo is Windows 8 in disguise?

Nokia talks all things post-Windows Phone 7

The Nokia World event has proven to be a real eye-opener for those interested in Microsoft's mobile OS Windows Phone 7, and that's not including the announcement of the Lumia 800

Talking to various news bodies, Nokia have suggested that we could be seeing the next incarnation of Windows Phone coming as early as mid-2012 with the codename Apollo.

While also launching the new Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 there were execs from the company on hand to answer questions about Nokia and Windows Phone 7. Responding to questions from TechRadar, Niklas Savander VP of Markets for Nokia practically confirmed Apollo's existence when he talked about the future of Nokia's relationship with Microsoft and Windows Phone 7.

"We made the decision to go to Windows Phone when Mango was pretty much done, so we were able to impact some elements of it but you'll really see the fruits of what we can do with Microsoft when the Apollo version of Windows Phone comes out."

Windows Phone Apollo to be Windows 8?

While Microsoft has since come forward and made the statement that Nokia's timings on the next version of Windows Phone aren't exactly accurate it certainly fits with other Windows-related reports such as HP's revelation that customers could well be seeing a HP tablet running Windows 8 in mid-2012.

This could well mean a fully integrated OS that works across PCs, Tablets and Smartphones with Windows 8 being that very operating system. Of course this is entirely speculation and has no foundation, but looking at the direction Microsoft is heading in it wouldn't be too far a stretch to imagine that at some point the company plans to merge its software between platforms.

What do you think, will Windows 8 bring together all the platforms? Let us know what you think via the comments box below...

Source: TechRadar

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