Windows Phone 8 random reboots reported

Windows Phone 8 handset users report random reboot issues

Windows Phone 8 users have been reporting random reboots, software freezes and battery-life issues

Less than a month after its global unveiling Windows Phone 8 seems to be the target of numerous complaints. The Verge has reported that a thread over at WPCentral with replies from HTC 8X users has seen a litany of complaints about the phone randomly rebooting.

This issue has been echoed over on Microsoft’s Support Message Boards where a thread in which users have reported 8X random reboots has received over 50 replies.

Elsewhere, Nokia’s customer complaint forums have reported reboot issues with the Nokia Lumia 920, as freezes and battery-life issues. According to The Verge, some users have tried to solve the software freezes and battery issues by wiping their devices, but this has resulted in some devices left stuck on the Nokia splash screen. The Verge has reported, however, that Lumia 920 users may get better battery life if they disable the phone’s NFC features.

Both Microsoft and Nokia have yet to comment on the issues with these handsets.

Source: The Verge