Windows Phone 8 officially launched

New features include Rooms and Data Sense

Today Microsoft has, with the help of Jessica Alba has announced a whole host of new features for Windows Phone 8 including Rooms and Data Sense to cut down on data usage

Steve Ballmer took to the stage in California to announce Windows Phone 8 and all the new features that will be launching including Windows Phone 8 Rooms and how new apps will work on Windows Phone 8.

Windows Phone 8 features:

With the help of Jessica Alba Microsoft took to the stage to announce some key new features coming to Windows Phone 8 including Rooms which allows you to share calendars, chats and photos with anyone you choose whether they're on Windows Phone 8 or on another platform.

Elsewhere the company announced Kids's Corner which allows you to lock out any features which you don't want being accessed when someone else has the phone making it perfect for lending to kids during a long car journey.

One of the more practical features announced is Data Sense, an app which lets you monitor your data usage but also actively compresses web pages making sure you don't steam through data whilst also looking out for free WiFi hotspots.

Windows Phone 8 Release date:

All of these features and the rest of Windows Phone 8 will be arriving next weekend on handsets including the Nokia 920, Samsung Ativ S and the HTC 8X.