Windows Phone 7 to become 7.1 following today's update?

Microsoft to bump Phone 7 OS to new 7.1 name tag

Mango update to see Windows Phone 7 bumped to version 7.1

Today’s Windows Phone 7 update event will see the Microsoft mobile OS adopt the moniker Windows Phone 7.1, new reports have suggested.

With the Mango update expected to be officially unveiled with more than 500 new features and a possible array of new handsets, much speculation has suggested the operating system will make the jump to version 7.5.

A new leak around the APIs in Silverlight for Windows Phone, however, suggests the OS will actually only get a .1 upgrade, a logical prediction considering the last software update to Phone 7 came with a 7.0.7 tag.

“The following namespaces and classes have been added ot updated for Silverlight for Windows Phone 7.1. For more information about new features in Silverlight for Windows Phone 7.1, see What’s New in Silverlight for Windows Phone,” read the report.

T3 will be on hand at today’s Windows Phone announcement so stay tuned to and the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds for all the latest on the Mango update.

Via: Engadget