Windows Phone 7 series launch soon?

Windows Phone 7's in leaked retail sign

Windows Phone 7 series phones might arrive sooner than we thought.

A leaked AT&T retail store document for a July 24 store revamp shows six Windows Phone 7 in the inventory. Originally touted for a Q4 release with an HTC Mozart, we could now see these phones as soon as in Q3.

After the recent blow to Microsoft with the killing of the Microsoft KIN phones, the Windows Phone 7 series is their silver lining; pushing ahead with these phones seems like their best strategy.

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We know that Adobe Flash and a iPhone-rivalling browsing experience are on the cards, though oddly enough, Skype isn't a part of the new Windows Phone 7 OS.

All these bits of information look like they will be put to the test sooner than we expected.

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Via: Engadget