Windows Phone 7 parade buries iPhone and Blackberry

Microsoft employees bury the iPhone and Blackberry

While we've seen many versions of Michael Jackson's Thriller being performed around the world, this was one of the last events we thought we'd see it at.

What do Microsoft employees do when the Windows Phone 7 hits RTM (release to manufacturing) status?

They throw a funeral parade burying the iPhone and Blackberry and dance to Michael Jackson's Thriller of course.

Hearses and coffins for the iPhone and Blackberry handsets were part of the parade held on Friday on campus, and pictures and videos from the event show how happy everyone was at the RTM status of Windows Phone 7.

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With Windows Phone 7 set to launch on October 11, Microsoft is probably betting on their phones to be iPhone- and Blackberry-killers, judging by the mock funeral proceedings.

You can view the videos of the Thriller dance here and here, and pictures over here.

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Via: Engadget