Windows Phone 7 Mango finished build leaks

Installation takes 20 steps and up to two hours

Compatible phone and patience of a saint required.

Microsoft haven't been great about keeping the lid on details of the upcoming Windows Phone 7 Mango update, what with slip-up tweets about the update's coming in September and screenshots cropping up online showing the update's Windows Live Messenger integration. But as of this morning, the entire OS is available online for evil pirate-y types to download gratis.

Updating a phone to Mango using this shady build is a relatively complex, 20-step process that reportedly takes between one-and-a-half and two hours, and handsets so far confirmed by PCmag to work with the update include the HTC HD7, HTC Mozart, HTC Trophy and the LG Optimus 7.

The leaked build has, of course, revealed some further details about what the update includes. For web-browsing, the graphics have been bumped up a notch, and HTML5 support has been included. Bing search will also now let users seach for things in their GPS-determined area, a bit like Google Places. Pointing your phone's camera at products and places will also bring back information on the subject a la Google Goggles.

The official release of Mango has been pegged tentatively by the web as September 7th. Check out our hands-on video with the WP7 update below.

WP7 Mango hands-on

Source: T3 Tech videos

Via: PCMag