title: Windows 8: Release date & tablets / url: release-date-tablets

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Windows 8 Release Date:

According to Pocket Lint and Microsoft’s Director of Windows PR Janelle Poole Windows 8 will be arriving sometime in October however there still hasn’t been any official confirmation from Microsoft.

"One of the things that I think is a good guideline though is we've always said that Windows releases come round about every three years and this year will be three years in October since we launched Windows 7. So I think that's a good guideline to consider."

Windows 8 Tablets

We know that Windows 8 will be available for both tablets and personal computers, what we don't know is how much they will cost and who will be making them, at present ther have been rumours that Windows 8 tablets could be more expensive than Android and iOS tablets.

Windows 8 tablets using Intel's Clover Trail processor could see huge price hikes with prices reaching as high as £600 if not more if Intel and Microsoft don't reconsider how much they charge vendors.

According to DigiTimes a source close to the situation has discovered that Intel are reluctant to offer the same low prices that NVIDIA and ARM are currently able to. This is apparently also true of Microsoft who are also reluctant to lower the price of their Windows 8 operating system.

While this may not affect the range of Windows 8 tablets at launch it will almost certainly result in vendors choosing competitors over Intel's Clover Trail and will still potentially keep the price high.

Of course it's important to remember that while these rumours are, as yet, unfounded, both Microsoft and Intel will be looking to carve a section of the market for themselves, especially with the likes of the upcoming iPad 3 and the rumoured Google Nexus Tablet on the way.