Windows 8 release date confirmed for October 26th

Microsoft's new OS will be available end of October

Microsoft's Windows 8 is more than just a simple update, featuring the completely new-look Metro UI it's the first OS for PC, tablets and smartphones

Microsoft has announced that the Windows 8 release date will be the 26th October whether it's as a stand alone product or as an upgrade.

The announcement was made at Microsoft's annual sales meeting where Steven Sinofsky confirmed that the new OS would be arriving in just a few months time.

There has also been speculation over when the OS will be made available to hardware manufacturers with some sites reporting that Windows 8 RT and Windows 8 x86 would be heading to PC and tablet manufacturers in August however this hasn't been confirmed.

Windows 8 features:

Windows 8 is the first OS that will work across tablets, PCs and smartphones in the form of Windows 8 RT for tablets, Windows 8 x86 for PCs and Windows Phone 8.

Underneath those differing names however is the same kernel which means that apps written for Windows 8 are inherently written for all three operating systems.

As of late October, Windows 8 will be pre-installed as the basic OS in new computers.