Windows 8 has 4 million users in under a week

Ballmer announces quick uptake of new Microsoft OS

Steve Ballmer made a prediction earlier this year that Windows 8 would be on 400 million devices by the end of the year. Well it has officially launched and is on 4 million in a few days

Steve Ballmer has confirmed that Windows 8 is now available on 4 million computers in just a few days bringing Microsoft one per cent closer to Ballmer's predicition of 400 million devices by the end of the year.

While that may seem like a huge task, it's likely the uptake will increase as the weeks go on and with 4 million already made in just a few days they're actually off to quite an impressive start.

Another way of looking at it is that when Apple launched Mac OS X Mountain Lion it sold 3 million copies in the same amount of time that Microsoft has been able to shift 4m.

Windows 8 was officialy announced last week with Steve Ballmer showing off the latest range of Windows 8 Laptops and Ultrabooks with the company finally showing off their new Surface Tablet which runs the tablet optimised Windows 8 RT.

Source: AllThingsD