Windows 8 comes to iPad with Win8 Metro Testbed App

Want to experience how Windows 8 will feel on a tablet? Now you can

Just lately, we've seen plenty of apps bring Microsoft software to the iPad, but now, live and in living colour, it's Windows 8 Metro. Has hell frozen over? Read on to find out.

iPad users can now get to grips with how the forthcoming Windows 8 operating system will feel on a tablet, following the release of a new tool for developers.

The Win8 Metro Testbed app brings the full experience of the Windows 8 Metro beta OS the Apple tablet, including access to the full range of apps and multi-touch gestures.

Once the £17.99 app, developed by Splashtop, is installed and opened users will be able to remotely stream the OS from any PC already running the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, which means you don't have to store the entire OS on your iPad.

The application, which will double in price following this introductory period, aims to free Windows 8 users and developers from the mouse and keyboard for the first time, enabling them to truly experience the Metro UI.

Splashtop says the full range of Windows 8 gesture controls are on board and lists them as follows:
- Swipe from the right for the Charms menu
- Swipe from the left to switch apps
- Pull down from the top to close the app
- Swipe slowly from the left to run two apps side-by-side
- Pinch to do Semantic Zoom
- And many more gestures for you to explore!

So if you're just curious about whether you'd be willing to ditch your iPad for a Windows 8 tablet, or whether you're thinking about developing new and exciting apps for Metro, then this is the app for you.

Check out a full demonstration in the video below.