Windows 8 app news: App Store confirmed for new OS

Windows 8 to rival the Mac App Store with own portal

It's hardly shocking, but good to hear nonetheless.

Microsoft has confirmed what most observers had expected, that the forthcoming Windows 8 operating system will have its own App Store.

The store, which will go head to head with Apple's Mac App Store, will give users of the tablet-friendly new OS the opportunity to download the majority of PC software from an online portal.

The announcement was made via the MSDN blog where Windows President Steven Sinofsky listed the teams working on the development of the potentially-epochal operating system.

Windows 8, expected to launch early-to-mid 2012 will revamp Microsoft's base offering with a mobile-inspired operating system, much like Apple recently achieved with the launch of Mac OS X Lion.

The launch of Windows 8 will see Microsoft finally bring its market-leading PC software to the tablet world.

Now that an App Store has been confirmed, the next question is, will Microsoft have the stones to actually call it App Store?

Link: MSDN (via TechCrunch)

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