Win best gadgets in Apple vs Android battle

Enter now to win! The fight just got personal...

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Get creative and win with Team Apple and Android Army

T3’s very own campaign to find out what you think of the tech issue of the year is gathering pace, and nearly a thousand of you have already signed up to either Team Apple or Android Army and voted in our polls.

Now a new challenge has arisen. We’ve got a prize pot of some of the best tech goodies around, and we want you to win them.

Simply download and print the logos below, then use them in the most imaginative way you can think of…

Use ‘em as flyers, coasters, your living room wallpaper, anything you like - post a photo of your best efforts (and your worst) onto your team’s FB page.

Our team of T3 judges will pick out the best efforts and reward you richly…

Good luck – and may the best team – or army – win!

- Android Army Logo

- Team Apple Logo