will.i.am launches Black Eyed Peas 360 degree video app

Watch the music video for The Time and join the party

Nice concept. Woeful song.

When it comes to the tech world, paint-by-numbers pop sensation will.i.am is a bit like dogmuck. He just seems to get everywhere.

The newest venture from the brains behind the Black Eyed Peas to encroach on the gadget fraternity sees the world's first interactive 360 degree music video land on the Apple's iOS devices.

BEP360 is built around the video for their latest single The Time (Dirty Bit). You know that really annoying one that's on the radio every other song? (What do you mean that's every BEP song?) This time, however, there's a bit of a twist.

The difference here is that you can follow the action around the room, by moving your iPhone to the left and right, and even pinching to zoom on a buxom dancing beauty while the video is in progress. Apparently "You are in the party" now too.

The app, supposedly developed by will.i.am (seems like he's a busy fella when he's not trying to pull Cheryl Cole), comes out of his new mobile production company called will.i.apps. Wow, we see what you did there; swapped the 'm' for two 'p's in order to turn 'am' into 'apps'. Brilliant.

Other features of the app see an augmented reality dance show when you point the camera lens at the Black Eyed Peas' album cover art. You can also virtual direct a fashion shoot with the band and of course access the BEP Twitter feed and connect with other fans of the group. Check out the demo video below.

The app is available now from the App Store for £1.79. will.i.buy? No.

Link: will.i.apps