WikiLeaks hacked ahead of document leaks

Infamous whistle-blowing site comes under cyber attack

Hackers target WikiLeaks ahead of latest revelations

In a story straight out of a Jason Bourne novel, Julian Assange, founder of the infamous whistle-blowing website WikLeaks, has claimed the site is under cyber-attack.

The allegation came as WikiLeaks released thousands of pages of classified US Embassy cables into the public domain. It is already being described as the biggest intelligence leak in history.

Assange, who reputedly operates the site from a nuclear bunker in Sweden, alleged through the site’s Twitter feed that WikiLeaks was currently ‘under a mass distributed denial of service attack’.

Bradley Manning, the US Army’s intelligence analyst, who has been court-martialled for the breach of security was reportedly able to leak the documents using a memory-stick labelled Lady Gaga, with 1.6GB of explosive data.

In August, WikiLeaks’ releasing of a US Air Crew laughing as they shot at Iraqi civilians from the air drew over seven million hits on You Tube.

The site’s most recent web host, Swedish Pirate Party, which also campaigns for more freedom on the internet, has also said it has been a target of hackers.

Via: Telegraph