Wii U sells 40,000 in the UK

Nintendo Wii U shifts 40,000 units in the UK in 48 hours

The Nintendo Wii U has sold around 40,000 units in its first two days of release in the UK despite none of the release games making it into the top 10 of the UK games chart

Wii U sales have reportedly reached 40,000 units in the UK, meaning that Nintendo’s console has effectively sold out in its first two days of release. Gaming industry magazine MCV says retail sources have suggested that, while Wii U units may still be available, “abundant supplies” are not expected until the New Year.

Due to retail units arriving at retailers “at a trickle” its estimated the Wii U could have racked up even more impressive sales figures, had more been available for sale. MCV goes on to say that, according to feedback from retailers and data about software sales passed on by trade sources, it estimates that two games were sold for every console.

The UK is the second region in which Nintendo’s new console has recorded a sell-out. Last week it posted sales of around 400,000 units in the USA in its first week of release. Even bigger sales are expected when the Wii U goes on sale in Japan.

In spite of the strong sales in the UK, however, none of the Wii U’s launch titles managed to crack the top 10 of the UK games sales chart. The highest-selling title for the console so far is Nintendoland, which is currently placed 11th in the chart.

Source: MCV