Wii 2 video leak: Nintendo speaks out on console outing

Update: Nintendo talks on yesterday's Wii 2 video leak

Next-gen Nintendo console leaks in spy shot video

Nintendo's eagerly awaited and overdue console release, the Nintendo Wii 2 has been leaked early as the mooted games machine makes an appearance on camera ahead of its official E3 unveiling next month.

Reportedly on show at a developer briefing codenamed ‘Project Café’, the follow-up to the Nintendo Wii, which Ninty has confirmed will be official unveiled at E3 on June 6th, has been caught on a hidden camera outing the console’s form factor and a tantalising image of a controller with an inbuilt screen.

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The presentation, held in a closed developer meeting, shows the reported Wii 2 device sat on the side whilst a female representative talks attendees through screens and details of the upcoming games console.

Whilst there is no sound on the video and precise spec details are unclear, a controller with a large inbuilt can be seen on numerous occasions with the console appearing to sport a similar for factor to the original with rounder edges and a metallic finish.

Update: Having contacted Nintendo directly in regards to the reported leaks of the upcoming Wii 2 the Japanese gaming giant has spoken out stubbornly stating: "We don't comment on rumour and speculation." Refusing to offer anything else on the outed video Nintendo declared the footage was "purely rumour and speculation."

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Source: Nintendo Wii 2 video | T3 Tech Video

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