Wii 2 controller: camera included

New sources backs up previous claims about new console

What exactly has Ninty got planned for its capacious new controller?

Nintendo is planning on loading up its new Wii 2 controller with a camera. That’s according to CrunchGear, which says it has backed up previous chatter about such a snapper thanks to info from a new source.

While details remain sketchy, having a camera on the controller does make sense. With a massive 6-inch screen already widely assumed to be included, a camera could bring added value, with users able to put themselves in the game. It will be front-facing, meaning it could potentially be used for video chat as well.

The Wii 2 is expected to land with Full HD smarts, 3D capability and beefed up graphics. Ninty has confirmed that the device will be out next year, with details expected to be revealed at this year’s E3 gaming powwow, which kicks off on 7 June.

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Via Crunchgear and Develop