Wi-Fi on London Underground: Trials begin at Charing Cross

Will we finally be able to use our phones on the tube?

Wi-Fi has been installed in the London Underground, does this mean there's a chance of full underground communication?

BT has made a leap forward in underground mobile communication by installing the first underground Wi-Fi. The new wireless network has been set up in selected stations for a trial basis of six months.

For now only those travelling through Charing Cross will be able to access the network, and even then the connectivity only reaches the ticket hall as well as the Bakerloo and Northern line platforms.

The trial period begins at Charing Cross on November 1st and will be free to all BT broadband customers. It will be free to all mobile phone owners with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, hugely supports this scheme and pledges to make the whole of London a ‘Wi-Fi hotspot’ before the 2012 Olympics inevitably arrive. He's said in the past that he wants every lamp post and bus stop to be a WiFi hotspot.

What do you think about the Wi-Fi in the underground? Is it going to be successful or should they give up before they start? Do we want or need Wi-Fi underground? What about this idea of an almost completely Wi-Fi London in the future? Let us know your views by telling us on our Twitter and Facebook pages.