White Sony PS3 released in the UK as GAME exclusive

Newly hued 320GB console lands exclusively to GAME in the UK priced £250

Sony and GAME have joined forces with the recently unveiled 320GB White Sony PlayStation 3 console now available in the UK priced £250

Troubled retailer GAME has partnered to Sony to exclusively offer the recently unveiled white Sony PS3, with the 320GB lighter hued console available to buy now priced £249.99.

Following a period of exclusivity in Sony’s native Japan, the 320GB white Sony PS3 has now made its first introduction to the UK with the GAME group exclusively offering the lighter toned device through its GAME and gamestation retail outlets and online.

Coming boxed with a pair of white DualShock controllers and a complementary 90 day subscription to the PlayStation Plus network, the new 320GB white Sony PS3 release sees eager gamers able to snap up the newly coloured console for a smidge under the £250 marker, a price point considerably higher than a new Xbox 360.

"Here in the UK from July 6th, GAME will be selling the White PS3 including the two white Dualshock controllers and a free three months of PlayStation Plus,” an official Sony representative confirmed last month. “They are selling a different value bundle and are the current UK exclusive partner for Classic White PlayStation 3."

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