White Samsung Galaxy S2 lands in the UK

Samsung announce lighter shell for Android superphone

Super AMOLED Android mobile now available in lighter shell.

What is it about the colour white that adds so much time onto a phone's production? After landing in Blighty in May this year, Samsung have only just announced that the white version of the Super AMOLED-toting Samsung Galaxy S2 will be available to UK customers today.

"Since its launch in May the Galaxy S II has been a huge hit with Samsung consumers." Said Simon Stanford, managing director of Samsung Mobile UK. "We always want to offer a range of products that suit different people and are delighted to now be able to give consumers the choice of the UK’s leading Android smartphone in black or white."

The Samsung Galaxy S2 wowed us at MWC in February with its blacker-than-black Super AMOLED display and dual-core processor. Those looking for a new Android handset but put off by the mobile industry's monochrome pallette now have a proper alternative.