White Apple MacBook available only to schools

'Educational institutions' can still snag old-school plastic model

Apple's popular white MacBook laptop may have been pulled off the shelves yesterday but it's still available - for SCHOOLS ONLY.

Apple yesterday pulled it's popular white MacBook off the shelves after sales of the device struggled to match those of other popular Apple laptops, such as the MacBook Air. But the white plastic model will still be sold by Apple, although only to ‘educational institutions’.

Sadly, that doesn’t mean teachers and students can use their Apple educational discount to grab the old-school notebook on the cheap. Rather that schools, colleges and universities can hoover them up for use by staff and students.

The machine is set to cost $899 (£555), $100 cheaper than its price when it was available for regular punters. While the specs might not match up to the newer models, the white MacBook remains an iconic Apple device.

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Via MacRumors