White iPod touch: more evidence leaks out

New part suggests Apple is planning redesigned iPod

Chatter of white iPod touch back in headlines with new range coming expected later this month.

Talk of a white iPod touch has been doing the rounds on Apple rumour blogs for months. But there’s nothing like some hard evidence to back up gossip about Cupertino’s plans for its next-gen PMP.

The Japanese Apple fanatics at Macotakara have laid their hands on a white headphone component which it says is tailor-made for the new iPod touch. It has the same slanted design as the headphone jack found on the current version of the media player.

The leak follows shots of a white front panel, which slipped out online late last week. Other than the colour change, experts expect the iPod touch to remain much the same, as Apple looks to make the iPad and iPhone its key priorities.

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Via AppleInsider