White iPhone 5 to arrive in spring instead of iPhone 4?

Tweet from Apple exec confirms imminent handset arrival

White iPhone 4 or 5?

The white iPhone 4 has proven to be a most elusive thing. Initially promised to arrive not long after the iPhone 4’s launch in June last year, it’s still not with us for a number of technical reasons.

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We’ve been guilty of reporting on some pretty tenuous iPhone rumours before, but this particular one seems to be as conclusive as you can get. Apple’s Senior VP of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller has replied to a tweet asking when the white iPhone would arrive, saying:

“The white iPhone will be available this spring (and it is a beauty!)”

Now, the big question on everyone’s lips is: exactly which iPhone does Schiller mean? It’s widely believed that Apple will drop the iPhone 5 into existence in June, as per usual, but there’s something very vague about the tweet discourse that has us wondering if he’s talking about the white iPhone 4 or the upcoming iPhone 5.

If Apple is to launch the iPhone 5 in June, it makes sense that the white iPhone 4 will appear prior to that announcement – perhaps at the upcoming one for iOS 5. If Phil Schiller counts June as ‘spring’, though, then it’s logical to assume that the iPhone 5 will launch in black and white from day one, and that the white iPhone 4 is dead in the water.

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