White iPhone 5 release nears as front panel leaks

New Apple iPhone 5 components have been claimed to have leaked online hinting at a new design

As the long awaited Apple iPhone 5 release date nears, newly claimed leaked components have hinted at an upcoming white handset launch

Apple looks set to continue its theme of black and white hued handset options as images leak online claiming to show the front panel of an upcoming white iPhone 5 device.

Once again hinting at a change of form factor for Apple’s next-gen pocket blower, the claimed white iPhone 5 components look largely similar to those that have already appeared on the web with a larger, 4-inch display looking set for inclusion.

As well as an increase in screen size, the iPhone 5, according to the leaked components, is set to see its light sensor and forward-facing camera come in for a re-jig as the front-mounted snapper moves to above the ear piece speaker amid speculation of a potential increase in quality.

Apple iPhone 5 Rumours

Although all far from unconfirmed, a flurry of iPhone 5 rumours have circulated in recent weeks suggesting the mythical handset will sport everything from a new 4-inch Retina display to a revamped 19-pin connector that is reportedly set to replace the company’s longstanding 30-pin docking option.

With the Apple iPhone 5 release date the most closely guarded secret in all of tech land, recent reports have suggested the handset will be officially unveiled on August 7th ahead of a UK release later the same month.

Want to see what the iPhone 5 could look like? Watch our video below.