White iPhone 4 release next month?

Analyst claims long-delayed iPhone is coming in April

Are we really about to see the white iPhone 4 in the wild?

Salt shakers at the ready. An Apple watching analyst claims that the white iPhone 4 will take a bow in April, with Apple ramping up production this month following almost a year of delays.

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Ming-Chi Kuo of Concord Securities reckons Apple has fixed the problems it had with the white paint used to coat the blower. The imminent release of the white iPad 2 also means the white iPhone 4 could finally be about to make its debut.

The white iPhone 4 was initially pegged for release in June 2010, only to be pushed back until August and then into 2011. Just last month, gossip ramped up after the lightly-hued model showed up in gadget store inventories.

Is is too late for the white iPhone 4? Will you buy one with the iPhone 5 just a few months away? let us know what you think on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Via Apple Insider