White iPhone 4 release date set for tomorrow, April 27th

Repeatedly delayed white iPhone 4 to launch tomorrow

Ten months late the white iPhone 4 is to land tomorrow

Apple’s long overdue but hardly forgotten white iPhone 4 is to officially launch tomorrow, April 27th, a leaked shot of Best Buy’s inventory system has revealed.

The retailer’s leak prone stock system has outed the widely expected arrival of the lighter hued iPhone handset with the 32GB white iPhone 4 stated as being in stock and available from April 27th.

This latest white iPhone leak is just the latest in a long run of pre-emptive arrivals that have emerged in the recent weeks outing the device as heading for a global release by the end of the month.

Sporting the same specifications as the existing black iPhone 4, a device that originally launched last June, there have been doubts raised over whether the white model would ever land following a number of manufacturing and colouring issues what with the iPhone 5 expected to launch in a matter of months when Apple’s WWDC roles around at the start of June.

Although still unconfirmed by Apple, a source close to the handset’s production has revealed to T3 that the white iPhone 4 will indeed hit UK markets tomorrow ending an embarrassing run for the Cupertino company.

Will the white iPhone 4 still prove popular despite its heavily delayed arrival? Let us know what you think via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Via: Engadget