White iPhone 4 release date imminent as stocks hit stores

White Apple handset to finally launch tomorrow

Long overdue Apple handset hits retailers ahead of tomorrow's launch

Apple’s white iPhone 4 has started shipping ahead of its expected global launch tomorrow, April 27th, with stocks already landing with retailers.

Leaked via a snapped shot of the Best Buy inventory system and confirmed to us here at T3 by a reliable source close to the handset’s production, the white iPhone 4 will officially touch down tomorrow more than 10 months after its planned original release alongside the standard black model back in June 2010.

Adding further fuel to the fire of the imminent lighter hued handset’s arrival and seemingly backing up reports that Apple stores have already received stocks of the white iPhone 4, one Belgian retailer has released snapshots of their early arriving brightly toned Apple handsets.

Depicting both the 16GB and 32GB offerings of the market leading smartphone that was today confirmed as the UK’s most popular mobile handset, the Belgian iPhone leak is likely the last pre-emptive look at the long awaited device we will get ahead of its repeatedly delayed arrival.

Will the white iPhone 4 still grab interest in the smartphone market or has it missed its window? Let us know what you think via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Via: Engadget