White iPhone 4 officially removed from Apple's website

Repeatedly delayed device finally given the chop?

Has Apple's white iPhone 4 finally been canned?

Continuing the seemingly endless tale of when the white iPhone 4 will finally appear Apple has removed all trace of the device from its website all but confirming the device will never make it to retail.

Originally planed to launch alongside its black-hued counterpart back in June 2010, the repeatedly delayed and issue hit device now appears to have given its final farewell as Apple subtly removes all sign of the lighter-toned handset.

Despite the last official word from Apple on the white iPhone 4 being a Steve Jobs announcement stating the device would be made available this spring, with the imminent arrival of the handset’s replacement, the much mooted iPhone 5 expected to launch in June with a dual-core processor, there no longer seems time for the white phone to warrant a global launch.

Having appeared to have now mastered the white iDevice issues with the release of the white iPad 2 Apple will be looking to put memories of its most famous failure of recent years behind it with a white iPhone 5 model more than likely to make a spotless and timely appearance come launch later this year.

Will the white iPhone 4 ever appear or has it been pushed firmly to the back of the ‘lets forget about this’ pile? Let us know what you think via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.