White iPhone 4 launch edging nearer on the horizon?

Revealing info spotted in Vodafone Germany inventory

Image 1 of 2 White iPhone 4 launch imminent
White iPhone 4 launch imminent?
Image 2 of 2 White iPhone 4 launch imminent
White iPhone 4 launch imminent?

Will the white iPhone 4 make it out before the iPhone 5?

The much delayed white iPhone 4 could soon be with us after the lightly-hued handset appeared on a Vodafone Germany inventory system.

As you can see from the picture here, the name iPhone 4 weiß (white) appears with both 16GB and 32GB models mentioned.

Originally set to launch alongside the standard iPhone 4 black model back in July last year, the official Apple word has been that the white device is“more challenging to manufacture than we originally expected".

Steve Jobs had promised a pre-Christmas 2010 arrival, but that did not materialise. Since then it was expected to launch in Spring of this year, and we've had to make do with Stephen Fry teasing us with a white iPhone 4, at last year's T3 Gadget Awards.

Previous reports have suggested that the Cupertino company and its manufacturers were having trouble matching the white of the homescreen button for the entire handset shell. The units were also believed to be overheating, discolouring the rear case. But many believe the problem could lie with the onboard 5-megapixel camera which is rumoured to be suffering from degraded images.

While this is by no means concrete evidence of when the white iPhone 4 will be available, we would like to think that it makes it out before Apple unleashes the iPhone 5.

Link: Engadget