White iPhone 4: late April release promised

Latest inside info suggests white iPhone 4 is imminent

Bloomberg sources claim it's a goer, but will Apple really release the white iPhone 4?

The White iPhone 4. It’s the Apple story that just won’t die and now a new report claims that the blower, pegged for release last summer and again this spring, will definitely be on shelves by the end of April.

“Three people with knowledge of the plans,” have told Bloomberg that the white iPhone 4’s release is imminent. One said there’ll be two different versions, one for US network Verizon, the other for AT&T.

Word is the delay is due to the white paint peeling away from the phone under heat. That issue has now been fixed, with these latest release rumours coming just weeks after Apple’s Phil Schiller took to Twitter to announce the white iPhone 4 would be coming in spring.

Is it too late for the white iPhone 4? Or will you be stumping up for one when it goes on sale? Let us know what you think on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Via Bloomberg