White iPhone 4: Apple Store down

Worldwide shutdown as new iPhone 4 approaches (UPDATE)

After months of delays and weeks of gossip, the iPhone 4 is imminent.

Been holding out for a white iPhone 4 ever since last June’s official unveiling? Then today’s the day you’ve been waiting for. The Apple Store is down, with the spanking new version of the phone expected to be up for grabs when it reopens for business.

Former MacWorld Australia hack Xavier Verhoeven has taken to Twitter to claim that two new versions of the phone, MC604X/A (16GB) and MC606X/A (32GB), are both incoming, citing an anonymous source.

The launch wouldn’t be a surprise, after the white iPhone 4 showed up in the inventory lists of Best Buy in the US, Vodafone in Germany and Orange and Three here in Blighty. The phone had been expected way back in summer 2010, but is still MIA, despite being touted by Stephen Fry at the 2010 T3 Awards.

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Sorry to get everyone's hopes up, but the Apple Store has re-opened with nary a white iPhone 4 in sight. The downtime was merely so that Apple could update its homepage with a host of Valentine's Day-themed iPads.